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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season begin and end?
The season begins in early January and ends at the end of March.  Clinics and practices will take place in December. 

How often and how long are games/practices?
Clinics will be about 1.5 hours x 4.  Practices and games will be 1 hour.

 Are games/practices on the same day of the week each week?
Most practices and games will be on Saturday though, there will be some during the week.

Why can first grade girls play in the Futures division but first grade boys can not?
Our years of experience have taught us that for the large majority of first grade boys who have attempted to play with 2nd & 3rd Grade boys, the first graders were somewhat overwhelmed and did not enjoy the time.  Additionally, we have the largest group of basketball players in the Future Boy's division and not enough coaches.  We do NOT have the same dynamic at work in the Future Girls division.