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LV Basketball Rules
1. The Home Team is responsible for keeping the book. The Visitors keep the clock. All games must start no later the five minutes after they have been scheduled to start. If the previous game ends past this point, then all efforts must be made to start the game ASAP and MUST end at its scheduled end-time. This must be worked out between the referee(s) and the coaches. The official score book will be kept at the score’s table where all players must report entering the game, at the referee’s whistle.
2. All PIAA rules apply with the exception of the LV “house” rules listed below.
3.  Both coaches MUST meet with referee before the beginning of each game to go over the “house” rules of this league.
4. A team must have five players to start a game (no later than five minutes after the scheduled start time) or they forfeit the game by score 2-0. A team can play with less than five players after the start of a game due to injuries or foul outs. They may continue down to two players. They may not continue with one.
5. There will be no shouting at the referee during a game by the coach, players (on or off the court) or fans. The coach will instruct his/her players before the game that only he or she will speak to the referee. This can only be done before or at the game, during time or time-outs, or between quarters. Failure to obey can result in a technical foul.
6. Coaches are responsible not only for their own actions not their team’s, but also for their teams’ parents and those associated. This is not the referee's responsibility. Referees will be instructed to ask the coaches to control unruly fans.
7. A technical foul will be called on any coach or player who complains about the refereeing during the game. This will result two foul shots for the opposing team and possession. If a player or coach receives two technical fouls during a game, they are automatically out of the game and told to leave the building. Refusal to leave the building for the remainder of the game will result an automatic forfeiture (loss) for that player/coaches team. A flagrant technical (i.e. fighting) also results in expulsion from the game and building.
8. If a coach receives a second technical foul, that coach may not coach his next game and upon a review with the LV board, may be barred from coaching in LV basketball. Flagrant fouls by players are subject to a review by the LV board, and may result in suspension or expulsion from the league.
9. In all leagues, at the end of the game both teams (players and coaches) are to shake hands. The coaches are to also instruct their players to “Thank” the referees after the handshake.
10. Coaches will make every effort possible to ensure that ALL players receive an equal amount of playing time during each game.  All complaints must be reported to the board of LV Basketball.
11. The Junior Division will play the four, six minute (stop clock) quarters and the Senior Division four, seven minute (stop clock) quarters. Time between each quarter will be one minute and there will be a five minute break at half time. If the first half is not completed within 30 minutes of the scheduled game time, the half-time break shall be reduced to 2 minutes.
12. The Pee Wee & Midget Divisions will play eight, three minute (running stop clock) periods. Time between each period will be no more than one minute and there will be a three-minute break at half time.  If the first 4 periods are not completed within 30 minutes of the scheduled game time, the half-time break shall be reduced to 1 minute. The clock will be stopped during foul shots except for the Future’s Division. Clarification: During the last minute of play at the half and at the end of the game, the clock will be stopped when either the play is stopped by the referee of the ball goes out of bounds.)
13. The Junior and Senior Divisions can substitute on all dead balls.  Junior Division will observe a momentary stoppage of play at the nearest basket to the 3:30 (halfway during each period) to allow for substitutions only.
14. Pee Wee & Midget Divisions ONLY: No substitutions will be allowed during a period with the exception of either an injury or physically related issue that could pose a threat to the player or a player having to leave the game permanently.
15. Pee Wee & Midget Divisions ONLY: To help facilitate equal playing time, a player is not eligible to play within a period if that play time will cause him to have two more periods of play than any teammates. A coach may make an exception to this rule if his/her team is leading by 10 or more points and wishes to provide more game time to his/her less experienced players.   (Overtime Rule #27 will still apply).  The coach, not the referees, must monitor this. A coach may make an exception to this rule if his/her team is leading by 10 or more points and wishes to provide more game time to his/her less experienced players.
16. Pee Wee, Midget & Junior Divisions ONLY – Coaches must submit their player rotation and final scores to their respective coordinators following each game.
17. Pee Wee Division will allow a fast break off a rebound or steal anytime during the game, unless the team executing the fast break is ahead by (10) or more points. At this point, whether first or second half, the team ahead by (10) points or more may not fast break.
18. All divisions have the options of playing a man-to-man, or a zone defense, except Futures.
19. The Future are not permitted to play defense beyond the top of the key, however all levels will be allowed to play defense at the half court line during the last period of play.
20. The Pee Wee Division may utilize a “Man to Man, Help Defense” or basic zone defense (2-1-2, 2-3, 1-3-1) within the 3 point arc.  The teams are not required to play zone defense but may do so in the first half of a game (1st four quarters).  Zone defense is permitted to help in the development of ball handling and passing skills in this instructional level. In the 2nd half of games teams must play man-to-man defense only.
The following guidelines for defense in Pee Wee division will be followed:



  • Any defensive player may assist or “Help” within the boundaries of the lane once an offensive player has entered the lane area with the ball
  • In man-to-man, a defensive player should not be in the Lane area unless the offensive player he is guarding is in the lane or the ball enters the lane
  • Double teaming the ball is not permitted outside of the lane area. Zone defenders will not double team in the corners and man defenders will not double team across half court or beyond the 3 pt arc.  NOTE: exception for full court press rule in Pee Wee.
21. Pee Wee Division ONLY : “Full Court Press” Rule – If a team is losing by 10 or more points during a game, the losing team will be allowed to institute a Full Court Press Defense until the lead has been reduced to within 8 points.  At this time, the will revert back to the standard and only be allowed to defend at the Half Court location.
            21a. Pee Wee Division ONLY: In the final minute of the game the team that is trailing,    
regardless of the deficit, may institute a full court press. If the score becomes tied then the press must be called off.
22. The Pee Wee Division must shoot their foul shots from behind the Foul Line but may continue their forward progress over the line, after the ball has been released.
23. The Future Division will play on eight-foot high baskets. The foul shots will be taken approximately three feet in front of the official foul line.
24. 3-point shots will not be allowed in Futures Division. 
25. Each team is allowed two time outs per game. Each time out will be one minute long.
26. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, a three minute overtime period will occur. The coach can play any player he/she wishes to use during this overtime period. There will be only one overtime period and no time outs.
27. “Mercy Rule” – If a team is leading by (Pee Wee – 10; Midget & Juniors – 15; Senior – 20) or more points during a game, the coach will make every effort available to him/her (i.e. sitting of any travel players, instituting a “5-pass” rule before shooting, no three  pointers etc.) in order to keep the game as competitive as possible.